Kate Gosselin Cruise Cancelled!

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When it comes to reality television, people get their fifteen minutes of fame and move on quietly. However, Kate Gosselin is one mom who isn’t excited about returning to normal life. Of course, who would want to go back to a normal 9-5 job after having a custom schedule complete with perks?

Jon & Kate ~ minus the eight!As a result, Kate has tried hard to hold onto her celebrity factor, competing on Dancing With the Stars and starting her own website to keep fans updated after the show was cancelled. Perhaps her craziest endeavor, though, was signing up for a celebrity cruise this summer that would give fans the opportunity to spend time with the mom of eight.

The reviews were mixed from people thinking it was a joke, to some diehard fans thinking, “it’s about time.” While it may be hard to believe, there really was an interest in the cruise, but not nearly as much as the company had hoped for which could explain why the cruise has been cancelled. According to this site, a spokesperson confirmed the cancellation, and the few people who actually did purchase tickets will be refunded.

This, of course, is something that many people actually saw coming and given the lack of tweets promoting the cruise, isn’t surprising. Another interesting tidbit is that the website for the cruise is no longer active. While the link for the cruise still appears on the company’s website, once clicked, visitors are directed to a blank page (see for yourself by clicking here.)

Kate Gosselin has not spoke out about this on Twitter, but has been vocal about being out of baking powder. It is unclear if she will address this issue head on or not. Are you surprised the Kate Gosselin cruise was cancelled?

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