Kate Gosselin Cruise Career Already Doomed? Is She Desperate for Paycheck?

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Is Kate Gosselin’s new career on a cruise ship already doomed? The word is that people have already been alienated by the mom of eight, and nobody will even go on the cruise with her.

Kate Gosselin Cruise Career Already Doomed? Is She Desperate for Paycheck?The week-long Caribbean cruise with Kate Gosselin is offered by Alice Travel. The problem is, people do not seem to be running for the opportunity to spend thousands cruising with the reality TV star.

One poll showed that 45 percent of readers would actually go so far as to cancel their vacation if they heard that the much maligned reality TV mom were going to be on their ship. That is a pretty harsh judgement of her ability to attract people on the trip.

The cruise actually started to book on Friday, and as of today, there are still plenty of spots to be had. In fact, Alice Travel does not know if the trip will sell out. What do you think?

Author Joe Piazza said, “Kate Gosselin is scraping away at the remnants of fame. The celebrity cruise circuit used to be one of the only appearance fees a celeb could get, before the halcyon days of $100,000 nightclub payments. Today it is seen as a hail mary pass for a paycheck.”

Well, Kate does have eight children to feed, and this seems to be the biggest thing she has besides being a coupon blogger. For her and the children’s sake, this had better work, but it’s already starting to look like it may be doomed. Not many people want to pay to learn crafts from this mom.

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