Kate Gosselin Daydreams of Relaxation?!

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Kate Gosselin surely spends plenty of time day dreaming of a relaxing getaway. Why wouldn’t she, since she had eight kids running around the house. On Sunday, Kate took to Twitter to explain what it is that she would really find relaxing.

Kate Gosselin tweeted, “I’m watching travel ch-abt huge yachts..2 me,being on a boat is prob THE most relaxing thing ever! Dreaming of the stress relief! AHHHHH!”

Is this Kate’s “Calgon, take me away!” moment? Some might even see this Twitter post as Kate Gosselin’s way of begging someone to take her on a yacht, or at least on some sort of small boat. Maybe someone could lend the former reality television star a row-boat or something, so that Kate can find a little relief.

Of course, what Kate seems to really be saying here is that she is looking for an escape. See, being out in the middle of the water, away from land makes one feel isolated. Is this her way of begging someone to take her away on a vacation, sans kids?

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