Kate Gosselin Deals with a Sleepwalking Child

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Kate Gosselin has a hard time as the mother of eight children. On Thursday night, she is dealing with one of them up and sleepwalking instead of staying safely tucked into bed. This has to be hard when you have eight kids to watch after all at once.

Earlier in the night, Kate went to Twitter to let everyone know that the kids were tucked in bed and sleeping away. Here is what she had to say: “I didn’t get much sleep 2day so r house is all tucked in&we r on our way to zzzz land!Extra sleep for all —-> happy morning kids &mom! GN!” She had planned on getting some extra sleep tonight, but her next tweet made it look like it won’t be that way for her tonight.

Here is what Kate had to say next: “It’s always endearing 2have a sleepwalker! Hannah just came in my rm w asleep eyes said:’lex is using j & f’ Me:hug,’okay honey,go bak2bed.'”

It sounds like Kate Gosselin is having a rough night at her house and might not get much sleep. Hopefully her kids aren’t up sleepwalking all night. It is hard work taking care of so many children so she needs her extra sleep.

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