Kate Gosselin Deals with Sick Kid at Home

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Tonight Kate Gosselin is dealing with a sick kid at home. How is this mom of eight handling it?

The reality star mom of eight kids went to Twitter tonight telling fans that she had a sick child. For some reason, she leaves out which kid is not feeling well.

Got a ‘no thank u’ @ dinnerX from a child..knew all 2 soon what that meant..Yep, tis the season2clean up vomit!If it hits all, wish me luck!

After this, she kept tweeting away with fans and talking about her other children playing with blocks. She must have been handling the sick kid just fine along with all seven of the other kids to have time to spend on Twitter. A bit later she spoke up again.

Child is snoring now. Think I may sign off to get some sleep before next round of vomit! good night all!

Lucky for Kate Gosselin only one kid is sick so far, and hopefully it stays that way. It is hard enough being a mom with a sick child, but many fans can’t imagine doing it with eight of them!

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