Kate Gosselin Defends Herself on Twitter

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Kate Gosselin has taken to Twitter to defend herself from her relentless critics. The mom of eight has been responding to some of her haters and even posted a quote that she lives by.
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“If you are doing the right things for the right reasons, you will know because others’ criticisms won’t sway you…they’ll simply confirm your convictions,” Kate wrote on Thursday.

Since her show was canceled, Kate has gotten a strong backlash from people who don’t like her. So many people have come down on her and criticized her for being a bad mother. People are so passionate about hating on her, it’s kind of ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that she did what she did. She is doing what she does. Nothing anyone says is going to change anything, so it’s really a waste of time.

Obviously Kate feels that she is doing right by her children and that is what matters most to her. The end.

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