Kate Gosselin Discusses Allowances with Children

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Kate Gosselin spent some time on Tuesday talking to her eight children about receiving allowances. It’s just one of many life skills she’ll likely pass along to her large brood in the coming years.

According to Twitter, Kate equates this talk to explaining to her kids how life works. And while it’s really just one facet in life, it is indeed an important one.

“Discussing weekly allowance vs being paid 4 ea ‘job’.. It’s an interesting discussion,”Kate Gosselin for President she tweeted earlier on Tuesday evening.

It would be interesting to learn if Jon Gosselin is on board with Kate’s life lessons—at least where an allowance for the children is concerned. It probably will be easier on both the kids and the parents if the same rules apply in both homes.

Do you think Kate Gosselin will make an impact on her children by discussing household chores and an allowance? Or do you think the kids became accustomed to having everything done for them while they starred on Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Kate Plus Eight? Might they be a bit uncooperative where those chores are concerned?

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