Kate Gosselin Drives an Amazing Car!

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Kate Gosselin might drive her eight kids around in a big blue van, but she also has some pretty fine taste when it comes to a little girl fun! The former reality star drives a super nice Audi TT—women like to have toys too!
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“This car was in front of me at the red light before!!! Awesome! Lol Kate is this like your car?” a fan asked the mom of eight. “If it is a TT then yes… Hard to see if it is in that photo,” Kate responded. The photo in question is an awesome white Audi that looks like it has speed, style, and every feature imaginable!

Kate Gosselin must look so hot driving that car (especially if hers is white, although it is likely black). There is something about a blonde chick in a white car… or just a good-looking woman in a flashy sports car! Kate certainly has good taste, wouldn’t you agree?

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