Kate Gosselin Eats Junk Food after Marathon

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Although there have been reports speculating on whether Kate Gosselin did indeed complete her first marathon in Las Vegas over the weekend, she sure ate like someone who just ran a few hours when she got her first bite to eat. According to Us Magazine, the reality TV mom ate lots after crossing the finish line in 4 hours, 59 minutes and 21 seconds.

After finishing her marathon, Gosselin reportedly are 2.5 huge pieces of pizza and finished it off with some penne pasta. She also drank some coke, but didn’t stick to her diet coke. Surely she didn’t eat like this when she was training for the marathon. The US Magazine article reveals that Kate Gosselin trained for this marathon near her $1.1 million Wernersville home in Pennsylvania.

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It doesn’t seem to matter for Kate Gosselin whether people believe she finished the marathon fairly. “For me, finishing was definitely winning,” she shared on her Twitter. “I could barely walk from the finish line. I had to be helped! I never could have done it without my running buddies Paula and Ellen.” If Kate Gosselin can do it, so can you; at least that’s what she believes on her blog.

It is all about living passionately, she writes. One has to wonder if she is also living passionately with her bodyguard.

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