Kate Gosselin engaged? – Twist of Kate rumor involves Michael Lohan’s “Major” proposal

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Is Kate Gosselin engaged?  Recent celeb news has reports that Kate is engaged.  No, not the Kate of “plus eight” or DWTS fame, but Kate Major.  Reportedly, Michael Lohan has asked Kate Major to marry him.  Michael is the father of Lindsay Lohan and Kate Major is actually Jon Gosselin’s ex, his other Kate.  Confused yet?  All that’s important to know is that Kate Gosselin isn’t engaged, at least in the latest news reports.  So it’s a Twist of Kate, internet style, with fans being mislead into thinking it was Miss Gosselin who got engaged when in fact it was Jon Gosselin’s ex, also named “Kate”.

Michael Lohan is currently 49-years-old and the father of well known actress/party girl Lindsay.  He had a publicized falling out with his daughter over suggesting she should go to rehab for her various troubles.  Michael told US Magazine his feelings about Kate Major:

“She’s been there for five years with me. I think a friendship is more important than anything when you have a relationship, and this is the strongest one in my life.”

Kate Major’s thoughts on the engagement and Jon:

“I’m really happy. I have talked to some of the bridesmaids and we have discussed having the wedding later this year… at Oheka Castle in New York. But right now, I’m just enjoying being engaged.”

She added: “Jon and I don’t speak, but I wish him and Kate Gosselin the best.”

The best is yet to come it seems.  While there hasn’t been a ton of recent news about Jon, Kate continues her dancing gig.  She is among the last place contestants on the celebrity dancing show, and may get the ax this coming week on ABC.  However, she does have some new reality TV projects in the works including “Twist of Kate”, and for all we know she’ll become the next Bachelorette.  Then we may hear real news that Kate Gosselin’s engaged!

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