Kate Gosselin: Ex-Husband Jon’s Car Repossessed?

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Former reality show stars Kate Gosselin and her ex-husband Jon have had to learn the difference from living in the reality television show world and the actual real world. In the past few months, Kate has said that she is broke and has had to scale back spending, although she hasn’t had to deal with what Jon is supposedly dealing with (at least not yet!)

An article in the National Enquirer is claiming that Jon Gosselin is broke. According to the source, Jon is so broke that his fancy sports car was repossessed. Considering the tough economy, it isn’t too hard to believe, except for the fact that Jon sold his car quite some time ago.

The article also mentions the one-bedroom apartment that he shares with his girlfriend Elle Ross in Wyomissing, PA. However, the two do not live together, but it’s unclear how many bedrooms Jon Gosselin’s apartment may have. Considering the fact that he sees his eight kids often, hopefully more than enough to accommodate.

Jon has stayed out of the spotlight more so than his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin. Both seem to be on completely different wave lengths these days about parenting. Kate wants the kids in show business, but Jon is against it. The media still follows the lives of the Gosselin’s and Jon wants nothing more than a normal life for his kids.

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