Kate Gosselin Excited for ‘Magical Number’

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Kate Gosselin is gaining lots of Twitter followers by the day. The mom of eight is steadily approaching 100,000, but more importantly (to her), 88,888. This number is significant to Kate because of her eight children and she is excited to get there.

“Good night all! I’m almost at my magical number! Can’t wait for all the 8’s! This day wore me out! It was a really productive one, so I’m happy tired,” Kate tweeted on Monday night. For some, it’s hard to believe that the former reality star has so many people still curious about her and her family, but alas it’s true. She has a lot of fans.

Kate Gosselin has asked her 88,888th follower to let her know who they are once they are on board so to speak. It is unknown if she will do anything special for them but you can guarantee that they will receive a welcome tweet from Kate at the very least. Are you following Kate on Twitter?

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