Kate Gosselin explains ‘mediocre’ comment

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Kate Gosselin took to her Twitter account after calling her estranged husband a “mediocre parent.” After what many are calling another Jon “diss,” the mom of eight tried to clear things up for her fans.

“To clarify ‘Jon Gosselin profilemediocre:’ I meant this job is not a career according to Jon but TV is for me and [it] is hard but will provide best opportunities for my kids versus nursing,” Kate tweeted. Unfortunately, calling Jon a “mediocre parent” doesn’t really relate to Kate’s “job” on television, so her clarification didn’t really clarify anything at all.

Perhaps Kate Gosselin meant that she is doing everything that she can do to provide for her kids while Jon just goes about his quiet life. At the same time, no one can blame the guy because he simply did not want to be famous. Well that, and nine times out of ten Kate made him look like a buffoon on national television.

Whatever she meant, do you think it’s appropriate to call your spouse a “mediocre parent” in an outlet that your children can see/watch/hear etc.? Sound off.

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