Kate Gosselin Feels Left Out by Own Kids!

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Sometimes Kate Gosselin has an odd way of talking about her kids. Take for instance Monday afternoon (July 2), when the reality television star and mother of eight took to Twitter to tweet to fans about her kids’ latest game. By the end of the tweets, Gosselin seemed almost annoyed that her kids didn’t invite her to play along.

Kate Gosselin tweeted about a new “system” in her house. “Today the ‘rave’ in r house is a mail system.. Making envelopes, stamps, letters. Each has own ‘house’ in basement to receive mail 2!”

It is probably safe to assume that this is just some sort of game. If it is a new messaging system so that the family doesn’t have to actually talk to one another then that would be scary. So assume this is just for fun.

Of course, it was just moments later when Kate Gosselin followed-up on the mail box thought. “My kids homemade mail system brings back good memories of my childhood…I provided supplies even tho I don’t think I was invited,lol!”

What? Wait a minute? Is Kate a little jealous that she isn’t included in her kids’ playtime activities? Did the kids purposefully leave their mother out? Talk about laying a Twitter guilt-trip on her kids. Nothing says martyr like whining about “providing” the supplies, but not being invited to play. Sad.

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