Kate Gosselin Focuses On Her Children and Warm Weather During Lawsuit

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Kate Gosselin’s name may be on the front pages of various tabloids because of the bullying drama she has been in the center of since her birthday. While the lawsuit was supposed to set an example that bullying someone online isn’t appropriate, it sounds like it has become something much more. Stories began surfacing about her ex-husband Jon Gosselin and an anti-Kate author, who had jumped on the bandwagon against Kate. In addition, she has gotten plenty of tweets about how she should not be using her fame to expose the identities of the bullies and contact employers, as the owner of Bullyville had plans to do.

According to a new tweet released on April 9, Kate Gosselin isn’t focusing too much on the drama in the press. In fact, she hasn’t even mentioned Jon on her Twitter timeline, so it sounds like she isn’t too bothered by the drama. Or maybe she has just told her lawyer to deal with the issues. Instead, she is focusing on her children and the warm spring weather. “Hey guys! What’s up? (Some of) my kids wore SHORTS to school today…oh what a wonderful sight that was!I LOVE warm weather! Have a gr8 day,” she tweeted this morning, even though the tabloids were running new scandalous stories about her.

It sounds like Kate has gotten some thick skin after being in the spotlight for so many years. How do you think she is handling the drama in the press, given her ex-husband may in the middle of it all?

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