Kate Gosselin Freaks Over Spider in Bedroom

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Kate Gosselin had a spider in her bedroom, but luckily she “survived” the encounter! If you know anything about the mom of eight, you probably knows that her semi-tough exterior is easily cracked when there is a creepy-crawly in her house!
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“Good morning all! Survived the spider in my room (no one brave enough to get it!) and ready for fun family fall day! Will check in soon! Who will be my 60K follower?” Kate tweeted on Sunday morning.

Spiders are definitely not Kate’s strong suit, but she shares that sentiment with plenty of other people. For some reason, the more legs than an insect has, the more icky it becomes! Plus, spiders are tricky! Have you ever noticed that when you go to kill it, it will repel backwards off the ceiling if you are not quick enough?

Anyway, Kate escaped and it sounds like she had to kill the insect herself. That, or she somehow got it in a cup and brought it outside to live peacefully in the wild… but knowing Kate, that sucker is probably d-e-a-d!

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