Kate Gosselin Goes to Sleep Even after Starbucks Coffee

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After tweeting earlier that she broke her Keurig coffee maker, Kate Gosselin, proceeded to spend much of the evening discussing the wonder that is Starbucks. Even after all that coffee talk, the super mom of eight was able to go to sleep.

Kate Gosselin Goes to Sleep Even After Starbucks CoffeeRight before her goodnight tweet, Kate tweeted, “@Starbucks without you, @Starbucks, I wouldn’t be alive! LOVE your new blonde roast! Omg! My new absolute favorite! Thank you!:).” Goodness, that’s a lot of mentions of the coffee giant in one tweet. Perhaps she had already had way too much of it to drink, or perhaps she is trying to get a new job as a spokesperson for the brand (not a bad plan).

Even in her over-coffee’d state, Kate Gosselin’s very next tweet ended up being about bed. She tweeted, “@MiloandJack ok, I’m out for sure now… Talk amongst yourselves! Gettin flat w lights out NOW! :)” It seems even super java cannot keep this mother of eight from getting her beauty sleep.

Do you think that savvy one-time reality TV star has a secret plan up her sleeve to become either a Starbucks or Keurig spokesperson, or was she simply just tweeting about her love of a cup of joe and her problems with making it today? Would the mother of eight make you more or less likely to buy either brand? At least after all that coffee talk, she was able to go to sleep.

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