Kate Gosselin Has a Big Struggle in Front of Her, TV Insider Elaborates

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Kate Gosselin has a big struggle ahead and she might be learning this as she tries paving another path back onto reality television. The 37-year-old single mom of eight kids — who just turned 8 — told Ann Curry on Tuesday’s editition of Today that her kids miss the spotlight. According to a TV insider who spoke with the Huffington Post, Kate is having a tougher time than she thought she would.

“Kate had no idea it would be this difficult to sell another show based around her and her family,” the source said. “It’s hard to be on the cover of magazines one week and just a few months later not have people return your calls.”

The source added that TLC was really the best network for Kate Gosselin and no other network is likely to recycle a show that was canceled.

“Once you have a show canceled, it’s almost impossible to sell the same idea to another network,” the insider shared. “TLC is the non-Hollywood network and the perfect home for her. If they no longer want her, I’m not sure which other network will.”

Lastly, it’s not the fans that sign on and launch the TV shows, it’s the networks.

Will Kate Gosselin manage to be on reality TV again with her eight children? People are still very much interested in her life and follow her daily activities. It might be a struggle, but Kate could be back on sooner than people realize.

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