Kate Gosselin Has a ‘Boyfriend’!

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Either you love Kate Gosselin, or you hate her – there really isn’t any in between. Like it or not though, she is a part of pop culture thanks to her reality television series Jon and Kate Plus 8 (later changed to Kate Plus 8 after the divorce.) However, one thing that Kate has had a rough time in is the relationship department, but now she has a new boyfriend, all thanks to her kids!

Kate shared the news with her followers saying, “No lie! Mady found this at a souvenir shop &bought it4me…we laughed SO hard.Kids want to know when we can grow him?!”

Okay, so it may not be a living, breathing boyfriend, but it’s a start, right? The former reality show star is rumored to have a dating show in the works, which will be pretty interesting (if it goes through.)

Even though it was cheesy, Kate went through with “growing” the boyfriend and said, “I’m busy making this ‘grow a boyfriend’ talk &every1 is cracking up! My kids r already tired of his ‘discipline’! LOL!”

What do you think of Kate Gosselin’s new boyfriend?

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