Kate Gosselin Has Odd Way of Dealing with Sick Kids

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Kate Gosselin has two sick kids at home, but what do you think of her methods for taking care of them? The idea she has come up with is not one normally used by parents.

Last night she was talking about having a kid throwing up at home and now today she has two children not feeling well. A few of her fans are shocked at her idea for taking care of them when they are sick and vomiting. She went to Twitter to voice her idea today.

Heat is off.. Bundled up and airing out.. Old time trick to ward sickness off! :) I believe fully in it! Fingers crossed…

Many people have heard of bundling kids up to break a fever, but turning the heat off as well is not a normal way of trying it. Do you think this will help a kid that is throwing up to feel better? The other thing she said was that she gives them Goldfish and Gatorade. Goldfish are crackers, but normally bland saltine crackers are giving to a sick child. What happened to making a fresh pot of chicken soup?

Many of Kate Gosselin’s haters are responding to her on Twitter that they do not like her idea. She has worked as a nurse in the past and should know the best ways to take care of a sick child. Sound off in the comments below with your opinions.

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