Kate Gosselin Has Trouble With Spanish Homework

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Fans of Kate Gosselin love keeping up with what is going on in her life. On Monday night, she is at home helping the kids with homework, but it sounds like things are not going as well as the reality TV star would like. She took some time out from helping to talk with fans on her Twitter account.

Kate shared a tweet with fans about her night. Here is what she had to say: “Help help! Cara’s Spanish homework has superseded my knowledge of the language! I’m up to my ears in ‘el’ ‘ellas’ and ‘usteds’!!!” It sounds like Spanish was not Kate’s best subject back when she was in school.

Several of her fans have responded to her in Spanish, but she may not even be able to read their tweets to know what they were saying. She might need some help or Cara could be in trouble for not getting her homework done in time.

Many parents have trouble with their kids’ homework so this does not say anything about Kate Gosselin’s ability as a mom. It has been years since she has taken classes and Spanish may even be one that she didn’t take at all. What do you think of her difficulties?

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