Kate Gosselin Hates Mornings!

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Kate Gosselin tweeted Tuesday morning about how she hates mornings…. complaining about her kids yet again! Why did she have so many children if all she is going to do is complain about them?

Look, it is easy to understand that it is a chore, trying to get eight kids ready for school every morning. The thing is, does Kate really need to go begging for sympathy by putting down her children.

Gosselin tweeted, “There are those mornings when everything is a hassle, a drama&just difficult…Those are the ams that I wave goodbye, somewhat happily:)!” (sic). There she said it… she is happy to get rid of her kids in the morning, waving goodbye and shoving them out the door.

Surely there are plenty of parents who, like Kate Gosselin, deal with typical morning drama trying to get their children off to school. What is not typical, however, is Kate’s insistence ton complaining about her kids on Twitter to her followers. Everyone gets it… raising 8 kids is tough, but does she really have to keep reminding everyone?

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