Kate Gosselin Helps With Homework

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Kate Gosselin is often criticized for her parenting and many of her critics say that she doesn’t spend nearly enough time with her kids. Absent on Twitter for most of the day, Kate showed up this evening to give an update on what she was doing. Kate tweeted:

“I’m measuring eggs with rulers and discussing exclamatory versus interrogative sentences… How can you tell I’m doing homework??;)”

Parents often find themselves helping their children with their homework and commenting on how hard it is compared to what they were used to. With eight kids, Kate has eight times the homework to help with and from the sound of her tweet, she was helping with more than one school subject.

A report emerged today saying that Kate’s former nanny had a criminal background. Kate Gosselin often takes to Twitter to not only talk about her day, but also address any rumors that are floating around, though she hasn’t said anything regarding the story yet.

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