Kate Gosselin: Holiday Christmas Light Disaster Averted!

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Kate Gosselin’s Christmas light issues are over…at least for the moment. In a Twitter post on Tuesday Kate thanked an unlikely source for help in getting her lights up and “saving her life” and most likely her entire holiday.

So who exactly did Kate Gosselin turn to in her time of crisis with her Christmas light drama? How about her hair stylist! Kate tweeted thanks for saving her life (or at least helping her get her house lit).

Dear @JasonHueman you hav saved my Christmas…thank u 4 solving my Christmas light debacle!Love, K8 PS love me blonde! (sic)

Yep, that’s right, Jason does hair and Christmas lights! Talk about the multi-talented friends that Kate Gosselin has. Would anyone expect any different. Goodness, Kate is multi-talented herself…between the parenting, the running, and the couponing. It just is that she is not too good with the Christmas lights.

Lucky for the world, Kate’s lights are fixed, and her holiday is saved! The whole world certainly rejoices that!

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