Kate Gosselin Hosts a Private Ice Skating Party

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Kate Gosselin is always looking for something fun to do with her eight kids. Today she hosted an ice skating party for the family. Many fans feel like a private party for no reason might just be a bit too much.

Kate went to her Twitter account to let fans know about the fun they had today.

Guess what we did 2day? Our fam& friends hosted an ice skating (private) party at an ice rink!Had SO much fun! Kids can’t wait2skate again!

She doesn’t mention that it was anyone’s birthday so the party sounds like it was just for fun. What do you think the cost of a private party for the Gosselin family would be?

Kate Gosselin even told a fan that she doesn’t actually skate so it must have been just for the kids. Here is what she had to say about her fear of the ice.

ha. I didn’t skate tho- cant break a leg literally. What the heck would I do??!! Scares me!

It sounds like this mom of eight just sat back and let her kids have all the fun. It would be a great day for the family. She probably really enjoyed watching them on the ice. Do you feel like a private ice skating party is too extravagant just for a day of fun? It is possible that with Kate’s reality TV background this is the only way they could get peace from fans and paparazzi.

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