Kate Gosselin Is Like the Energizer Bunny after Restful Night

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Kate Gosselin just needs some good old rest to recharge her batteries and be as good as new. The mom of eight and former reality TV star, recently got—what seems to be—the best sleep of her life and it made her feel a million times better, judging by her tweets!

Kate said that she got 10+ hours of sleep on Saturday night, which seems almost impossible considering she has eight young kids in the house. However, she said she got that much sleep so all fans can do is believe she’s telling the truth, right?

After her restful night, she took to Twitter again to say how energized she felt.

“I had a happy busy day! 10hrs sleep-> Organized, cleaned, set up new lax bounce back 4 Cara, cooked an amazing dinner & RAN! Yay!(GN!I’m tired!)” she tweeted.

After doing all of that, Kate Gosselin has a right to be tired!

Do you think she actually got that much sleep? If so, she needs to find ways to do it more often!

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