Kate Gosselin Is Thankful She And Her Children Are Safe After Boston Bombings

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Kate Gosselin is an avid runner and she is often sharing her plans to go running in the spring weather. However, it sounds like she has been a little frightened by the recent events in Boston, and she has been speaking out about the events and how they relate to her. Yesterday, she tweeted her wishes and prayers to the families who were suffering because of the bombings and she even revealed that she was planning on running a marathon in hopes of helping out those who had been harmed by the events. However, now she is tweeting something else and her tweets may not be widely accepted.

According to a new tweet released on April 16, Kate Gosselin says that she is thankful that she and her children are safe. Of course, her children may be supporting her at marathon races, so perhaps she was thinking about how her children could have been the victims. However, the tweet may not sit well with her followers because Kate wasn’t even at the race. “I’m hanging out,w my kiddies tucked safely in2 bed. I’m so happy that we r all together & safe yet thinking of those who aren’t #prayforboston,” she tweeted.

It sounds like Kate may be using the Boston marathon bombings to focus on herself, even she is thankful she is safe with her children. She should be tweeting about praying for the victims, not talking about herself. What do you think about her tweets about her children and the bombings?

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