Kate Gosselin Is Tired of the Tabloids

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Kate Gosselin is tired of the tabloids and of people attacking her with incorrect information. The mom of eight has been trying to set the record straight on Twitter about false stories printed about her and her family in the press, and she is sick of people believing everything they read.

“Sick of all the fables and fairy tales. Don’t believe what you Is Kristen Stewart 'Vogue' Photoshop too Much?read! Sick how tabloids prey on people especially moms trying to support their kids! Move on people,” Kate tweeted on Monday. So what set Kate off this time? A story in the tabloids that stated her estranged ex-husband, Jon, watched their brood while she was in Australia. While this wouldn’t be that bad of a story, the media has a way of making this negative. Many sources claimed that Kate didn’t have enough money to pay for a sitter.

Kate says that Jon only wanted the kids for one day and that a sitter watched them the rest of the time. She adamantly claims that this was Jon’s choice. Although this is none of anyone’s business, Kate had no choice but to set the record straight because people literally harass her on Twitter.

Since when is it not okay to have a difference of opinion? If you don’t like Kate, then you don’t like her. Is it really necessary to continuously tweet her mean messages and bash the people who think otherwise? If everyone was the same, the world wouldn’t function. Kate’s right. It’s about time people move on.

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