Kate Gosselin: Is Twitter a Distraction?

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Is Kate Gosselin easily distracted or is she just a master procrastinator? From the sound of things, Kate has a lot on her plate. Still she allows herself to be drawn back in to Twitter. Why can’t she cut the cord and get on with the day’s chores?

On Friday Kate tweeted “Girls, stop being so fun to chat with.. I have STUFF to do.. Now let me go do it.. LOL!!!!!:)” This post conveniently came after having lengthy back-and-forth sessions with several of her fans. They talked about all sorts of stuff ranging from her family, to Christmas presents and everything in between.

Obviously, Kate Gosselin has eight children to provide for… so she has some work to do, right. She says that she has to do laundry and bake some bread. Still, she is frittering away some of her time on Twitter. What a time-suck. Perhaps she is quite sincere in her online friendships. Others would say that she just wants to be center of attention. What ever the case may be, Kate seems to blame her “fun to chat with” tweeps for not getting real “stuff” done. Maybe Kate should limit her time on Twitter so she can get more “stuff” accomplished, rather than just talking about doing it.

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