Kate Gosselin Kids Growing Up and Mom’s Celebrating It!

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Kate Gosselin has a busy life with eight young kids in the house but despite having so many mouths to feed, it seems as though the single mom makes time to celebrate the milestone of each kid no matter what.

Any parent knows that kids love to celebrate things and it’s important to mark each milestone in their young life with a cake or dinner, but when you have eight kids, that’s got to be tough.

While that may be the case, Kate seems to make it seem easy. She tweeted out that she and her kids are celebrating today because another one of them got their braces removed.

“Well, I’m officially down from 3 kids to 2 kids in braces..for now! We’re baking & preparing for our traditional braces off party today!” she tweeted.

It’s great that Kate Gosselin spends a lot of time with her kids and tries to mark each of their milestones individually. The remaining seven kids surely won’t complain because they get sweets and get to have fun every time one of their siblings does something like get braces off or do good in school.

Kudos to Kate Gosselin for doing all she can for her eight lovely children!

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