Kate Gosselin Kids Tired of Eating Eggs Everyday

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Kate Gosselin’s kids are getting sick of eating eggs! Since putting a chicken coop in her yard in Pennsylvania, Kate’s hens have been laying eggs to beat the band. Even though she has nine people living in her house, she can’t keep up with the hens’ egg production—and that means lots of eggs for breakfast.

“Good morning all! Groans when I File:Eggs 3145g.jpgannounced eggs for breakfast again! How I love our super over producing hens…the kids? Not so much! LOL Time for an ‘egg break’!” Kate tweeted on Wednesday morning. Certainly Kate can use the eggs for baking and other cooking needs rather than having her kids eat them every morning for breakfast. No matter if they are scrambled, friend, or poached, eating eggs every single day can be tiring.

Kate Gosselin
will have to get creative with her eggs. Perhaps she can try a Quiche or some other egg-based meal that will “hide” the eggs in a way. She could always give some away to neighbors as well.

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