Kate Gosselin, labor department defend sextuplets work permits for ‘Kate Plus 8′

Kate Gosselin and the labor department are defending the work permits that they gave the sextuplets to work on the show ‘Kate Plus 8.’

The Department of Labor & Industry insists that none of Kate Gosselin’s 8 children are being exploited by working for the reality show ‘Kate Plus 8.’ The filming has started in the family’s Wernersville home.

The reason the labor department has come under fire is because State Representative, Thomas Murt, actually questioned that the department issued the permits to the sextuplets. Apparently, the law in Pennsylvania allows children to work in the movies when they are under 7 years old, but not on TV.

Of course, the Gosselin sextuplets are only 6 years old right now. Thankfully they do have the permits though because they provide protection to the children. Those work permits keep the children from working too many hours, and they also ensure that each child is paid a portion of the earnings from the reality show.

This is still a major drama though because Murt says that the work permits are illegal. He wants the attorney general to rule on the issue. What do you think? Should the sextuplets be allowed to work on the show?

Source: MSNBC

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