Kate Gosselin Leaves Australia–Bodyguard By Her Side

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Kate Gosselin has left Australia for her long flight home, with her trusty bodyguard right by her side. Steve Neild actually looked quite handsome as he and Kate hurried through the Brisbane Airport on Wednesday.

According to a report from Radar Online, Kate continues to deny that there is anything going on between her and Neild, maintaining that she has kept him in her employ simply to ‘protect her.’ Jon Gosselin, however, says to this day that he’s not certain whether or not Kate and Steve Neild had an affair when he and Kate were still together, filming Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Kate Gosselin for PresidentThe former Kate Plus Eight star was in Australia to celebrate Steve Irwin Day. She spent time at the Australia zoo named after the late animal lover, in the company of his wife and children. She was, of course, in the company of Neild at all times, too. He must have been ‘protecting’ her from the zoo animals.

Kate Gosselin continues to puzzle people–at least those who still care in the least what she’s up to. Most wonder how she can pleased poverty yet continue to pay her bodyguard. Could it be that Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild are truly involved in a relationship and therefore Kate pays him with–well, you know?

Kate Gosselin became a diva shortly after Jon & Kate Plus Eight became successful, and her inner diva grew far quicker that her popularity did. Now she’s without a job and desperately seeking something (aside from her coupon blogging stint at Coupon Cabin) to catapult her back into the big time where she can once again live and be treated like that diva that so many people came to dislike.

Right now, however, the only ‘big time’ awaiting Kate Gosselin upon her return from Australia is a big house full of eight children, who’ll likely want to know what she has brought home for them from her trip to Australia.

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