Kate Gosselin Leaves Jon Out of Travel Plans?

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Kate Gosselin may not be on television anymore but she certainly is busy! Aside from caring for her eight children, she has been traveling a lot for different work opportunities, which is both exciting and exhausting!
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Of course this is all fine and dandy until the media gets involved. A source tells Rumor Fix that Kate doesn’t inform her estranged ex-husband, Jon, about her travel plans and just randomly saddles him with the kids while she flies all over the world. Obviously this is a ridiculous notion, and Kate would likely be in big trouble in court if this was the case.

Kate Gosselin has to tell Jon about the times that she will be away. They have always been particular about leaving their eight children with a parent, not a babysitter, when there is a long duration (more than 48 hours) involved. It’s silly to believe that Kate doesn’t give Jon advanced notice about her travels. She has always made her kids a priority and Jon is a big part of that whether the media believes so or not.

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