Kate Gosselin Lets Daughters Read Her Book

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Kate Gosselin is excited on this Saturday that her girls are ready to read her book. Many fans might not think that she should let them in on this much of her life. What do you think about it?

Kate shared on the news on Twitter saying: “I knew this day would come! Hannah and Leah asked to read ‘I Just Want You To Know’ I am so excited! .” The girls are sitting on the couch enjoying the book.

In this book, Kate talks about how much she loves her children and more, but she also lets them into a lot of world. Fans are posting on the photo wondering if Kate forced the children to take the picture or to read the book, but it is possible they are honestly interested. Many children are proud of their parents and would want to read their book. If Kate didn’t think it was appropriate, she would not allow the girls to read it.

What do you think of Kate Gosselin’s kids reading her book I Just Want You To Know? Sound off on your thoughts in the comments section below.

Picture Source: Twitter

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