Kate Gosselin Living Off the Land?

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Kate Gosselin may have lost her reality TV show when TLC canceled Kate Plus Eight, but it certainly sounds like she and her kids will eat well for the winter. Kate is spending Saturday harvesting vegetables from the family’s large garden, and putting them up for future consumption.

According to Twitter, Kate sent out the following tweet her nearly 38,000 followers on Saturday.

“GM my 37,956 friends!It’s a busy Sat here!I plan on stewing/freezing a busheloftomatoes, chopping/fr 50+ peppers,shredding/fr lotsazucchini!”

It certainly sounds like Kate Gosselin has her work cut out for her, doesn’t it? Unless of course she’s trying out for a role in a new reality TV show about women who are survivors. Maybe a documentary on farm women? Who knows? It certainly sounds like she knows how to process and can food, doesn’t it? Not everyone can lay claim to having mastered that skill.

Growing and canning ones own food is a lot of work, but one of the least expensive and most nutritious ways of feeding your family fresh vegetables. Do you suppose Kate Gosselin and the children actually farm their own gardens or do you think she employs a gardener? Maybe a take-off on the old comedy Green Acres might be in the works. What do you think about Gosselin Acres? Jon Gosselin could stop by and play the lovable but quirky Mr. Haney! Girlfriend Ellen Ross could play the role of Ralph!

Kudos to Kate Gosselin for not sitting around crying over the spilt milk that is now her canceled reality show Kate Plus Eight. She’s productive. She’s exceedingly resourceful. And she and the kids won’t go hungry at all this coming winter.

Can’t wait to see if Kate harvests pumpkins and sets up a roadside stand this fall! Now there’s another show idea! Hello? TLC? You paying attention here?

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Kate Gosselin's helpers

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