Kate Gosselin ‘Lonely,’ Scared to Date

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Kate Gosselin is feeling sorry for herself (nothing new here). Instead of counting the blessings of having eight healthy kids she feels that she may never be able to date again.

Talk about selfish Kate… more worried about never dating again than her own children. Okay, so it is understandable that it will take a very special person to have any sort of interest in dating a woman with eight kids. Add to it Kate Gosselin’s near obsession with being the center of attention, whether it is on television or Twitter. Of course she fails to make a compelling sales pitch for interested men:

The odds are so against me, one mom and eight kids. I am lonely. I clean up the house, put the kids to bed and there I sit. Ideally I would find that person…don’t know if I feel ready for that.

The question here is will any man find Kate Gosselin and her brood of children attractive. Perhaps someone will, but that person will have to put up with all the crazy baggage that goes with it.

Add to that, any guy dating Kate should expect to have every detail of their relationship to end up on television or Twitter. In a world of seven billion people, surely there is at least one sucker willing to take the risk of dating Ms. Gosselin… right?

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