Kate Gosselin Loses Job, Tell-All Author Elated

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With eight kids, Kate Gosselin must know how to save money, right? Well, that is exactly what Coupon Cabin thought when they hired her to write money saving blogs almost a year ago.

Each Monday, Kate delivered a new blog, giving readers tips on how to save money. The posts never garnered many comments and, when they did, there weren’t many positive ones. Then, when readers signed onto the site this week to read Kate’s newest blog, they were meant with a letter from the CEO of the company, explaining that due to some “recent situations,” Kate’s “contributions do not align with the authenticity” that the site is going for.

Could those “recent situations” be anything that was possibly covered in Robert Hoffman’s new tell-all book? Although it was quickly pulled from Amazon due to legal reasons (it is currently undergoing a “revamp” and will be re-released in the future), the accusations made were enough to ruin Kate’s reputation even more.

Hoffman spoke to Radar Online about Kate’s firing and, surprisingly, wasn’t particularly excited about Kate’s job-loss, but was elated that people are seeing the real her. He said:

“Although I won’t celebrate Kate’s most recent loss of employment from her couponing blog, I am encouraged that more and more people are seeing through her facade and realizing that Gosselin isn’t who she claims to be, and I’m hoping that more people will come forward to speak out about what they know to be the truth about Kate Gosselin’s eight-year web of lies, abuse, greed and manipulation—for the sake of the Gosselin children.”

Of course, Coupon Cabin didn’t specifically state that the allegations in the book had anything to do with their decision to fire Kate, but it does lead some to wonder exactly what their reasons for doing so actually were.

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