Kate Gosselin Loves Warm Weather

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If Kate Gosselin had a choice of climate… it would be hot! The mom of eight is loving the warm weather in her neck of the woods today and she’s so excited to get out and run… without a coat, or mittens, or a hat!

“Good morning! Sun is shining and [I] almostFile:Smilie Kissen.jpg convinced myself to run the driveway before [the] kids woke up. Nah, I’ll do it after grocery shopping later!” Kate tweeted with a smile. The former reality star later added that she loves hot weather!

Being an avid runner, Kate is used to running in all different temperatures. She has been out in the cold, when it’s raining, and on beautiful days like today. It is clear that she prefers the warmer weather, not just for exercise, but in general. After four months of winter, it seems as though everyone is welcoming this warm-up in the east today, especially Kate Gosselin!

How warm is it where you are?

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