Kate Gosselin Makes Big Mistake—Was She Thinking About the Consequences?

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Kate Gosselin is an active Twitter user and shares her daily routines and rituals with fans online. Typically she writes about making breakfast for her eight children or how the day went overall. Saturday morning may have really done it when she tweeted a photo of her daughter, Mady, in a pair of her high-heeled shoes.

Gosselin wrote:

“hafta make u guess who just HAD to try on my heels that I just unpacked from my bag tonight… Starts w an ‘M'”

The picture shows the 11-year-old girl’s bare legs with black heels on. There’s nothing overly revealing about them, but several followers—who are mothers themselves—didn’t think that was such a smart idea. One called the tweeted picture “pathetic” and another wondered why she would risk putting such an image out “with all the pedophiles out there.”

Kate Gosselin meant no harm by sharing the picture because she thought it was cute of Mady to put them on. It’s about dress up, basically. All kids do it. The main difference is the Gosselins are in the celebrity spotlight and more attention is focused on them. Due to being a recognized public figure, maybe Kate will be more careful about what she tweets on the social network from now on.

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