Kate Gosselin Makes Friends with “Hispanic Elvis”

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Kate Gosselin had a fun-filled weekend in San Diego. The mom of eight was in town to run in her second marathon and she took some time to mingle and make friends along the way.

The former realiFile:Olympic pictogram Athletics.pngty star made friends with a man known as “Hispanic Elvis” on Twitter. The two seemed to click instantly and they shared some laughs on Twitter after the big race. “Kate. My shirt has your sweat on it. Im thinking Ebay! :-D Too funny. We see a PF Changs logo. Now I’m craving lettuce wraps (sic),” the man tweeted. “Bad on twitter and bad in person lol! Hey… Where were my lettuce wraps? Did you eat them while u were waiting for 1:56:40 for me?” Kate responded.

It sounds like Kate Gosselin had a great time. She really enjoys talking to people and seeing new faces, a clear sign that she is friendly and open to meeting new people. This will not be Kate’s last marathon and she will undoubtedly make more runner friends during the next one that she attends.

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