Kate Gosselin ‘Man To Do List’ Completed!

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Kate Gosselin got a Thanksgiving bonus when some of her male guests completed some not-so-woman-friendly jobs around her house! The mom of eight has surprised herself when it comes to doing things that she would have normally had her ex-husband, Jon, do, but there are some things that she still relies on a man for.
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“Man to do list: My barn/chicken issues are fixed, my tractor is running, my cable is working, and a closet door is reinstalled!! Yay,” Kate tweeted on Friday. It sounds like Kate got a lot accomplished this Thanksgiving! Not only did she have a great time with her family and her friends, but she also got a lot of things done around the house!

It’s always nice when you have people willing to help you, especially with things that you are unable to do yourself. It sounds like Kate Gosselin is thankful for having people in her life who are willing to help her out, and that’s always nice.

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