Kate Gosselin Might Be Back on TV Soon!

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Kate Gosselin definitely misses having a television show but it sounds like she could be back in your living room sometime soon. The mom of eight has been going to meetings and talking to different people about her career and while she is blogging for Coupon Cabin, it sounds like she’s missing the camera.

“Do you have a new show? If so, what network, when does it air? Please, do tell,” a fan tweeted to Kate on Sunday morning. “I would tell you if I did… Not yet…. But……. Not quite yet… Just never know,” Kate responded, clearly hinting that she’s got something in the works.

Kate Gosselin has openly said that she would like to be back on television either on her own show or as part of a talk show. While a lot of people can’t stand her, she will likely do well on a show of some sort. As long as she can go out and provide for her kids while allotting them a happy, healthy environment to grow and learn, she’ll be doing the right thing.

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