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Last night, the long awaited Gosselin/Palin camping trip aired on Sarah Palin’s Alaska. However, the camping trip was cut short because Kate Gosselin was miserable.

It was Photo by: Jackson Lee/starmaxinc.com 2010 12/8/10 Kate Gosselin departs the Ted Gibson Salon with a new hairstyle. (NYC) Photo via NewscomGosselin and her brood of eight along with Sarah and Todd Palin, and daughters Willow and Piper, braving the rain, the wild, and each other! While the kids all seemed to be having a great time, Kate Gosselin was miserable. She stayed under a tent with a hooded jacket on, complaining that she was cold and hungry. After only a couple of hours, Kate lost it and began crying.

While both families were supposed to get to know one another and spend the night in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska, Kate decided that she could no longer stand the cold and the rain and she whisked her eight kids right off the Palin set. While we understand that Kate isn’t the epitome of a camper, she made a comment that insulted many. Before leaving the camp site, Kate said “we are not homeless.” While it’s a sentiment that many people feel, it seemed a huge slap in the face of the former Governor of Alaska and her family.

The Gosselins were invited to spend time with the Palin’s and Kate should have been more respectful of that. She knew ahead of time that they would be going camping and she could have suggested something else as an activity. Instead, she made herself look bad, she ruined a fun day for her children, and she wasted Sarah Palin’s time. Epic fail.


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