Kate Gosselin Must Think Her Boys Have No Color Sense?!

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For Kate Gosselin, dressing eight children must be a real chore. Of course, the reality television star must be trying to let her kids pick their own clothes these days. That is, as long as they meet her approval.

Kate Gosselin tweeted about two of her boys and why having multiple kids isn’t such a bad thing after all. “Another benefit of mult: Left house & realized 2 boys outfits DO NOT match.. Send into bathroom to swap shorts and tada! Both outfits match!”

Wow, really, Kate is that anal retentive that if her kids’ clothing is mismatched in public, she will yank them into the bathroom and make them switch. No one does controlling mom quite like Kate Gosselin does! Perhaps an easier solution would be to teach her boys how to color coordinate. Then again, by embarrassing her kids, she pretty much says, “if you don’t look good enough for me, then you aren’t good enough.” Why couldn’t she just leave her mismatched kids alone?

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