Kate Gosselin Needs Her Sleep for Big Day!

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Kate Gosselin wants everyone to know that she is going to have a busy Saturday before Easter. Why else would she hop and Twitter to share her to-do list with her legion of Kate Plus Eight fans?

“Kids in bed,dog in bed,house is cleaned up so I’m saying GN! Lots of cooking,easter basket preparing&egg filling tomorrow,oh my!Need sleep! (sic)” stated Kate via Twitter. Yep, as has become a ritual of sorts, Gosselin made sure to say ‘good night’ to her loyal Twitter following. However, nothing is ever simple with Kate Gosselin. No, she had to complain about what she has to do on Saturday.

You see, what Kate doesn’t understand is that everyone gets it. Everyone understands that holidays are a big fiasco when you have eight kids. This is the unwritten rule. Somehow it seems though that Kate Gosselin is not going to have any fun filling Easter baskets for her kids. What should be about the joy of seeing her children happy is just another chore on the to-do list for Kate.

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