Kate Gosselin–No Black Friday Shopping for This Mom of Eight

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Kate Gosselin may be hunting down deals for fans on the CouponCabin.com web site, where she blogs part time about bargains. However when it comes to rising and shining early on Black Friday to score a few of her own, Kate was a no show.

According to a report from Babycenter.com, Kate had actually made it quite clear well ahead of Black Friday that she would most certainly not be among the droves of shoppers camping out in the cold in hopes of saving a few bucks.

“I discovered this wonderful world of internet shopping way back when I was stranded at home with eight kids under the age of four years old. Even now, that sounds nearly impossible. Let’s be clear though: Even though my kids may be more mobile now, I am still NOT known to fight the Black Friday crowds in the stores as soon as my last bite of turkey is swallowed. There are those who are willing to risk indigestion and sleep deprivation in ordKate Gosselin for Presidenter to catch a great bargain, but I am not one of them,” Kate Gosselin explains.

It would seem, however, that this mom of eight children would have little to no choice in the matter, and would have to shop the Black Friday sales in order to afford gifts for all those kids. Hasn’t Kate been crying poverty lately?

She explains her reason for not getting up at the crack of dawn to save a few bucks on Christmas presents–and it’s not all that bad an idea.

“I’ve done the Black Friday thing in year’s past, huddled up next to a shopping buddy in the cold black of 3 a.m., which is strangely neither night nor morning. In a weird way the experience was fun. Also, exhausting. The problems is my family isn’t into huge Christmas gifts. I’ve never been out to snag a flat screen or Wii, and therefore never gotten an amazing deal that couldn’t be had later on in the month,” Kate Gosselin says.

It would be fun to learn what Kate does buy for her children. One might have expected that because of the whole family’s celebrity status that perhaps the Gosselin children did ask for big ticket items for Christmas. It’s almost refreshing to hear that this isn’t the case at all.

So what did Kate Gosselin do if she didn’t get up bright and early for Black Friday?

“This year? I happily snoozed as the cash registers rang,” she says.

And that was probably a very smart move, Kate–a very smart move!

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