Kate Gosselin Offers Vague Apology to Twitter Followers!

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Kate Gosselin’s time on Twitter Tuesday night was different than most. While Kate normally spends a little time every night responding to tweets from fans, this evening she offered up a vague apology of sorts. So what had the mother of eight begging her followers for “understanding?”

Kate Gosselin tweeted, “Sorry I’ve been MIA… I’ve been distracted by life..I stop in, read and comment occasionally. Best I can do right now!Thx 4 understanding!” Wow, this is a far cry from the other day when she was playing weight loss guru on Twitter.

Now that’s strange. All she really had time for in the morning was to tweet out a couple of promotional messages about some cereal bars. She actually avoids social media for about eight hours and then apologizes to the world for not being there thanks to being “distracted by life.”

Strangely, this might be the most normal thing she has said in days. Kate Gosselin actually had too much going on in her life (since raising 8 kids isn’t enough to keep her occupied) to not sit on the computer and play with Twitter for once. Is she actually serious or is Kate fishing for a little sympathy?

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