Kate Gosselin on Twitter to Talk About Random Grocery Store Encounter

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Reality TV star and mom, Kate Gosselin, was recently on Twitter talking about an interesting grocery store encounter with a random woman. It’s no surprise the tweet involved how “hot” Gosselin is, or at least Kate pointing out that others think so. She basically passed it off as a random, awkward occurrence though.

Kate Gosselin is known for her eight kids, the reality shows, and the gossip over her split with Jon, as well as her gig on Dancing With the Stars. She’s recently talked and tweeted about running marathons, which likely keeps her in shape. Speaking of that, she got an interesting comment when out shopping.

Kate tweeted on Sunday about her strange meeting inside the store:

“Awkward:When a woman tells me in groc store:’my husband saw you in ppl mag& sd ‘Kate is smokin’ hot!’ That never gets easier…what2say?!”

What to say? How about, “Thank you so much?” Apparently, Kate needed to let people on Twitter know that a member of the male population finds her to be “smokin’ hot.” Is that any surprise to anyone, though? Sometimes one has to wonder if these celebs just want more people to tell them they’re hot. Kate may have struggled with insecurity issues in the past or still is. What do you think?

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