Kate Gosselin on Twitter: ‘Today is National Adoption Day’

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On Twitter today Kate Gosselin supported “National Adoption Day.” The Kate Plus 8 television reality star asked followers to get involved by retweeting the message on social media another fan posted.

If you can’t be like the Kate and 8 star with a huge brood of biological kids, why not consider adopting one of your own. The Gosselin busy globetrotting mom, who just returned from an Aussie trip in celebration of “Steve Irwin Day,” got back in form.

After her Kate Plus 8 show ended on TLC, the unemployed mother of eight children struggled to find ways to keep busy and earn another income.kate gosselin

She demonstrated why being a single mom is not a handicap at all. Soon after the lights went out on TLC, Kate Gosselin took to Twitter and began actively blogging for her fans.

Despite not having a show of her own, she is still a celebrity in the eyes of her fans. Thankfully, she is putting her star appeal to good use with issues close to home in society.

Saturday morning, Kate tweeted “good morning.” Moments later, a fan (@WhartonQUINTE) posted this message on Gosselin’s Twitter timeline: “It’s National Adoption Day!! Visit http://www.adopt.or![sic] Please RT<s>@</s>Kateplusmy8.”

To show she’s a team player and supports adoption, KG obliged the fan and retweeted the message to her followers. Now that was a home run!

Despite the clamour from “haters” (as Kate Gosselin refers to naysayers), the TV reality mom turned contributing blogger shows why she is often misunderstood. As simple as the gesture is of retweeting a message, it means the world to those who support her.

Hopefully, her message is heard by at least one person, who needed something like a simple tweet from Kate Gosselin to persuade them that adoption makes sense.

Visit the National Adoption Center website to learn more and help children find a happy home.

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